Grunt-generate: a Grunt task to generate files from user-defined templates

Grunt task that generates files from user-defined templates. It follows the DFGIMW mantra (don’t fucking get in my way).

What is it?

It allows you to use your own templates to generate files very easily. Extremely configurable, no need to adhere to anybody else’s coding style, directory structure, frameworks or whatnot.
And most importantly it respects the #1 rule: it stays the fuck out of your way.

If you don’t know what Grunt is, click the dot .

Some Background

I like scaffolders and file generators. They save you a LOT of time. But there’s always one thing that’s bothering me and that’s the code style they push you towards. Then I stumbled upon bb_generate, just a very small easy-to-use generator to create Backbone files.

I contacted the owner Cedric Dugas, asked if I could contribute to his project, and here we are: grunt-generate was born.

Gimme the damn thing already!

Full install && usage examples on github

Shut up and take my template!

Grunt-generate comes with a number of pre-defined templates, but we would like to expand them since they could provide a good basis for people to create their own templates from, let us know if you want to contribute!

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