#Robotlegs 2 – we’re working on it. It’s coming.

First of all I’m real happy and proud to announce that I joined the Robotlegs team a few weeks ago.
I’ve loved RL from the first moment I started working with it and that hasn’t changed over the years, so it’s really exciting to me to be a part of it now.

And… It’s coming. The official version 2.
No date.
But it is coming.

We’re working hard on improving things, especially everything that has to do with command(map)-related stuff.
The API changes are minimal and in most cases they’re primarily additions instead of modifications. We’ve tried to keep the API as it was, except when we found a much better solution.

One of the things we’re overhauling will mostly impact extension developers. We’re trying to make it a lot easier and more intuitive to create *map extensions. I think we’re succeeding. But maybe I’ve been staring into the sun for too long.
As I’m quite a different developer than Shaun I also brought a different viewpoint to the table. I’m a purist, but I also need to setup things fast. Create classes, wire them into the system without too much hassle. This is also one of the things we’re trying to achieve: to cater to different styles, let the purists feel at home, but allow for more leeway for those that feel the need (and know why they need the leeway).

Anyway, there’s a number of additions I’m really excited about and think will make life a lot easier for us poor, archaic ActionScript devs.

It’s coming. Soon.

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