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#dijonjs demo included in todomvc labs section

Last week my demo for Dijon (an IOC/DI javascript framework I created) was included in the labs section of TodoMVC, a hugely popular common learning application for JavaScript MV* frameworks.

So what does it do?

In the demo Dijon is used on top of JQuery to provide structure and dependency injection for the app. It allows you to decouple several functional units and let them work together and communicate.

Even though Dijon does not impose a typical MV* structure in any way, it allows you to easily do so w/o forcing you to use any specific paradigm.

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A plugin for #gruntjs to run #jasmine specs: grunt-jasmine-task


This plugin is deprecated and replaced by grunt-contrib-jasmine

I wrote a plugin to run jasmine specs with grunt.
It should be stable and is available through npm.
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#Dijonjs – An IOC/DI #javascript micro-framework inspired by #robotlegs


[update 28/04/2012]The dijon demo app was included in TodoMVC’s labs section[/update]

Dijon is an IOC and DI micro-framework for Javascript. Originally it was meant to be a port of Robotlegs, but deviated to something quite different. It remains however heavily inspired by Robotlegs, and more specifically Swiftsuspenders.

Basically it’s an object registry, that allows you to define how and when objects are instantiated, functions and handlers are called and what objects should be passed on to other objects (that’s the injection thingy).


Dijon is not v1.x yet, but it is stable to use.

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#Demiurgejs: 3 types of Javascript inheritance


I’ve jumped into the rabbit hole and have been digging through the various types of inheritance possible in JavaScript.
Not really original, I know, but in a project I’m working on I needed to mix various types of inheritance, so I created a small utility lib to help doing just this: let objects inherit members from another object.


The lib’s called demiurge and can be found in the demiurge github repository.

It’s based on a gist I created a few days ago and already tweeted about, it can be found here.

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