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Installing an android app in the emulator

If you try to install an android app ( .apk file) in the android emulator, it should not be a problem, when doing so with a vanilla install of the android SDK.
Here’s a fine walkthrough

However, if you’ve been developing for various android SDK versions, you’ll have defined multiple AVD’s (Android Virtual Devices) to test your stuff and when trying to install an .apk file with:

adb install path/to/<filename>.apk

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How to get the Kitchensink app for Android running on Titanium

When starting out with Appcelerator Titanium it’s pretty easy to get the kitchensink app running on the iphone emulator, however running it on the Android emulator was not a breeze. Several pitfalls and hurdles need to be overcome to get it running.

The first problem I encountered was after installing the required Android SDK’s and tools. Even though I pointed Titanium to look in the correct folder for the android sdk it complained:

Couldn’t find adb or android in your SDK’s “tools” directory. You may need to install a newer version of the SDK tools.

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New year, new job, new website

From next monday on I’ll be working for IBBT as a developer (and sometimes designer), more particularly I’ll be joining the Apollon project and be developing all kinds of exciting new media apps/sites/prototypes/knitwear.

And ah yes, the website’s been refurbished and renewed. Thanks to Mono-lab, for the magnificent WP theme.

Delhaize EOY

Development of Delhaize EOY campaign site at Prophets with Flex, Flash, AS3, Gaia and RobotLegs.

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